It is important us for the protection of the data you have shared with us during your visits to the website or mobile applications of BEAUTY OMELETTE TEKSTİL KOZMETİK PAZARLAMA SAN.TİC.LTD ŞTİ (“Beauty Omelette” or “We”). Therefore, we have prepared this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) for you.


When you use our website or digital applications as a visitor, user or customer, your IP address and your location are logged along with the date and time you visit the website. This information is used to make analysis of your usage of the portals, the needs of our users and are not shared with third persons. The IP information of the website or mobile application visitors will not be used to identify the identities.


Other confidential information including your personal data will not be transferred to third persons or shared with third persons other than for the purpose and scope specified in this Policy.


We adopt an understanding fully in compliance with the privacy protection standards that are accepted in international field for protection of the privacy of our visitors, users and customers and provide a secure experience in obtaining information and use of personal information.


1.      The personal data you share with us

You share your personal data when you use and visit our website or mobile applications, during usage by being a member and visiting or subscribing to our electronic bulletins.


1.1.   The personal data you provide to us

You share the information with us such as your name, surname, electronic mail address, home and mobile phone numbers, home address, credit card details, location information, your accounts, profiles and media files in your mobile device when you sign up, contact via the customer services or benefit any product or service.


1.2.   Your personal data which are automatically collected

The data such as the services and advertisements you use, the frequency of your interaction with us, information and data regarding the devices you use, your frequency of usage of the services, your category preferences, its hour, conversation records, number information belonging to the phone making the call or date and web browser and login information collected via cookies and your voice records for the calls you make with our customer services are automatically collected via program and softwares. For more detailed information on cookies, we recommend that you review Article 6 of this Policy and our Cookie Policy contained in this policy and on our website.


2.         Purposes of us using your personal data

Sharing your information will allow us to offer you product and services as needed, to make it possible for us to give more sensitive service and improve our websites. Your data that you share with us or that we automatically collect from you will be used for the purposes, including but not limited to the following;

·            To provide personalized services to our visitor, user and customers and to increase user satisfaction by providing a better quality user experience,

·             To contact our guest, user or customers to the extent they consent, make them aware about our service and campaigns,

·            To monitor the functions in technical terms and ensure proper functioning of Beauty Omelette website and mobile applications;

·            To use for advertisement sales purposes and ensure the continuation of free usage of Beauty Omelette website and mobile applications for our visitor, user and customers;

·            To send you our publications;

·            To send bulletin or notifications via e-mail;

·            To respond to your questions and to provide an effective customer service;

·            To inform you about our new services;

·            To make direct marketing via Beauty Omelette website and mobile applications or the parties that it collaborates with;

·            To use the identity of our visitor, user or customers without disclosing for various statistical evaluations, database generation and market researches,

·            To identify problems related to the system and to promptly resolve the problems that might arise in Beauty Omelette website or mobile applications;

·            To develop and improve our services and to increase content and product diversity by analysing the experience of visitor, user or customer,

·            To communicate with you about our services in this scope (instant message, electronic mail, other online and offline message/push notifications), to provide you alternatives in accordance with your preference and likes, to provide you technical support in case of you meeting with technical infrastructural problems, to share the current developments about the products you monitor and the product recommendations with you;

·            To take technical and legal measures as regards to our product and services (for example, to prevent sharing illegal content)

·            If you are using the services we provide from your mobile device or via mobile application, sharing your geographical location information can be requested from you. By this way, in the situations where we make cooperation with our own digital platforms or with third persons, to customize your location information in also these platforms and in the situations where you share information belonging to your geolocation, to provide you contents or advertisement and services related to the content according to the region or country where you are located, to respond quickly to your needs and to generate solution recommendations, your account or

·            It is used for the purposes of advertisement sales for to sustain the free usage of our visitor, user and customers from Beauty Omelette websites and mobile applications.


2.1.        The data you share with us via our website or mobile applications

You can choose to share your information with us via various online ways upon Beauty Omelette website and mobile applications or by being a member or signing up or subscribing to the electronic news bulletin. You can share your personal data by contacting one of our customer services representatives by electronic mail, phone or letter. Beauty Omelette may sometimes also obtain your personal data from third persons other than Beauty Omelette. This may be as obtaining your personal data by purchasing a company that you are a customer of or the disclosure of it by one of our group companies in cases where your explicit consent is taken by such companies.

You can sign up to Beauty Omelette website via your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without entering your name, surname, date of birth, electronic mail address etc. When you prefer to sign up to our services via social media networks within the scope of this Policy, you are deemed to have given authorizations to process, transfer and store the data that are sent to our part by such social media accounts. You are recommended to check the current list of third persons that we transfer your data to and examine Article 3 of this Policy.




The information or personal data that you prefer to disclose to the public (for example, posting comment, voting, scoring, making recommendations and disclosing your thoughts etc.) and share in a way that can be accessed and seen by other visitors and users (for example, your photograph, name, surname, date of birth, nickname) are accepted to have been disclosed by you and we can use them for statistical, advertising or promotion purposes without your explicit consent. We have no responsibility if the personal data that you disclose are used by third persons or other websites.


2.2.        The data you share with us as a visitor via our website or mobile applications

If you visit our website or digital platforms without signing up, we can collect information about your behaviors in the digital environment (the number of clicks, the frequency of your opening tabs or the titles that are shown interest in), your IP address and the devices you use. This such information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes only  without providing possibility for identification of persons.


3.         Sharing of Data

Your personal data, with the limitation of presentation of product and services; can be transferred to Beauty Omelette and the real and legal persons whose names are indicated below which it makes cooperation with and you may be contacted about our product offers exclusive to you or opportunities. Beauty Omelette can also use your personal information for the purpose of statistical works and share them with the real and legal persons that it collaborates with the purpose of making these works only. We take your information about the frequency and the manner of use of our website via cookie files. You can end this information sharing by changing the settings of your web browser whenever you wish. For more detailed information, please examine Article 6 of this Policy.




3.1.   Sharing of personal data with real or legal persons with whom we collaborate

Beauty Omelette can sell you a product or provide you with a service in collaboration with real or legal persons with whom it makes collaboration with. In these situations, Beauty Omelette will inform you in advance about existence of such collaboration and who is our partner before you sign up to Beauty Omelette via the subscription form, electronic bulletin etc.




Beauty Omelette will not sell your personal data with third persons or to enable them to use it for their own purposes or shares it with these purposes.


4.         Links to third person websites or mobile applications by our website or mobile applications

We can give links to websites belonging to third persons, portals or mobile applications on our website or mobile applications. However, we have no responsibility for the implementation of the privacy policies of the third parties on these websites. The privacy policies of the websites or mobile applications belonging to persons outside the Beauty Omelette may be different from this Policy. Therefore, we recommend you to examine the privacy policies and personal data processing policies of third persons.


5.         Protection of confidentiality of information you shared with us

We are conscious of our responsibility to protect the information you entrust us. We take precautions to keep your personal data confidential, store as commercial secret and to prevent their disclosure to unauthorized third persons or the public in order to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information. With regard to the administrative and technical measures that we take, we recommend you to examine Beauty Omelette Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy.


5.1.   Safety

As Beauty Omelette; we undertake to take the most extensive and appropriate preventive security measures including safe databases, servers, firewalls (security softwares) and encryption of electronical mail information to protect your information including your personal data by analyzing the current information and data values and risk status in the light of current technological developments and to inform the personal data owner and the authorized administrative authorities as soon as possible if any user information is stolen, deleted or modified as a result of realization of cyber attack by third persons.


6.         Data Collected via Cookies and Beacon (Advertisement Application with Location Request)

The cookies under this Policy (“Cookies”) are valid to the websites and mobile platforms operated by Beauty Omelette, third party programmes or platforms accessed and used upon web sites.

Cookies are small particules of data located on devices (computer, phone, tablet) to ensure proper functioning of a website, to improve user experience, to develop and optimize the website, to provide more appropriate, interest-based advertisement, to provide an attractive and customized website/application and advertisement portfolio for the visitors.

The information regarding your usage of Beauty Omelette websites and mobile applications are obtained by means of the mentioned Cookies. Cookies facilitate the use of the internet by storing status and preferences about a website. Cookies help to obtain statistical information about how many people use the websites and mobile platforms operated by Beauty Omelette, with which purpose, how many times and for how long a person visits Beauty Omelette websites and mobile platforms and to dynamically generate advertisements and content from customized user pages.

Cookies are not designed to extract data or any other personal information from hard disk or electronic mail. Most of the web browsers are designed to accept Cookies, however, users can change the settings to be given a warning when Cookies do not come or Cookies are sent. The visitor or users are deemed to have given their explicit consent to the use of cookies unless they change the setting.

We can use technologies such as Cookies and beacon, locate them in your device. If you do not accept technology and packages such as Cookies etc, you may not be able to realize the functions you expect from Beauty Omelette websites and mobile platforms or interruptions may be formed.

We can share the data obtained via Cookies with third persons for advertising purposes. For more details, please examine our Cookies Policy on our website.


7.         Management of Your Information

If you state that you do not want your personal data to be stored, we undertake to delete, destroy or anonymize the data that are not required for the functioning of our system and that we are not legally obliged to store or that are no longer required to be stored as per legal obligation or in accordance with the prescribed conditions and methods prescribed in the relevant legislation.

We store your personal information in an up-to-date and accurate manner in the light of technological possibilities with the support you will be giving us. You can request your other requests under the Act on Protection of Personal Data including the personal data we store in our databases via an electronic e-mail to be sent to the electronic mail address in accordance with the procedure stated in the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy on our website.


8.         Prevention of electronic communications

You can opt out from the electronic mail or instant messaging services sent to you for marketing or advertising purposes whenever you wish in accordance with the methods provided in the messages to you. In this case, your personal data in our databases will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized, unless otherwise provided in the legislation. You can examine our Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy in our website for detailed information about these transactions.


9.         Children

As Beauty Omelette, and including all our departments including the real and legal persons that we collaborate with are conscious that the sensitivity of the personal data of your children and we are showing diligence to protect their personal data to the highest degree. Parents or legal guardians are under responsibility for the sharing of the personal data of your children with us. You can contact us via e-mail for the personal data of your children, including also the personal data shared without the approval of the parent/legal guardian.

We deliberately do not process the personal data of children under the age of 18 and recommend the parents to actively supervise the online activities of their children.


10.       Amendments to this Policy

Our policy is available on the address of for easy access and informing our customers. Beauty Omelette can amend also other its policies including this Policy  unilaterally without priorily informing its users, subscribers or visitors.

Our policies will enter into force on the date of their publication on Therefore, we recommend that you follow Policy updates.


11.       Applicable Law, Court of Jurisdiction and Bailiff’s Offices

This Privacy Policy is subject to the acts of the Republic of Turkey. İstanbul Çağlayan Court and Bailiff’s Offices have competence over the settlement of any disputes that might arise from the implementation of this Privacy Policy.


12.       Consent of Communication

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you are deemed to have given your consent to the collection, storage, processing, use and transfer to third parties that Beauty Omelette is in contractual relationship of your personal data that you agree to be shared with us in order to provide you with various benefits and send any electronic messages for special representation, promotion, advertisement, sales, marketing, survey and similar purposes by phone, SMS message, electronic mail and similar methods.




This Cookie Policy (to be referred to shortly as the “Policy”) is valid for the websites and mobile platforms managed by BEAUTY OMELETTE TEKSTİL KOZMETİK PAZARLAMA SAN.TİC.LTD ŞTİ (to be referred to shortly as the “Beauty Omelette”), sets out the principles regarding the usage of a cookie.


What is a Cookie?


Cookie; is small particules of data located on devices (computer, smart phone, tablet) for the purpose to provide proper functioning of a website or mobile application, to improve user experience, for development and optimization of the website, to provide more appropriate, interest-based advertisement for the visitors to provide an attractive and customized website/application and advertisement portfolio for the visitors.


Cookies help our websites or mobile platforms to remember your preferences. (For instance, the information you use to login our website, language, location and other preferences). Therefore, it is not required for you to re-enter such information each time you visit our website or mobile applications.


What kind of cookies do we store on your devices and for what purpose do we use them?


Type of Cookie

Function of the Cookie

Session Cookies

·       It refers to the temporary cookies stored on your devices until you leave the website. Persistent cookies are the types stored on the hard disk of your device for a long periods of time.


Mandatory Cookies

·       They ensure proper functioning of the website and allow users to benefit navigating in the website and its properties. Mandatory cookies are in anonymous characteristics. For a cookie, to be characterized as “Mandatory Cookie”, it should be required to be used for the provision of a service offered on a website. In other words, if unused, any cookies which can not provide a function targeted on the website are mandatory cookies. Additionally, the targeted function should also be explicitly being requested by the user. For example, clicking on the “add to basket” button during online shopping.

·       Mandatory cookies are required for the performance of website and the mobile application and are not subject to the approval of the user. Therefore, the approval of the user is not taken for the usages of mandatory cookies on the website and mobile applications.


Functional and Analytical Cookies

  ·       They include data relevant to survey and evaluation information and to  remember all types of your preferences and behaviors including whether or not you accept the cookies, to ensure effective use of the website, to optimize the website in a way to respond to the requests of the user and data about how the visitors use the website. Due to their nature, the cookies in this type might include your personal information such as user name etc.


·       In addition, during your visits to the contents in the video, film, series, letter and other contents in our web site or mobile applications via these cookies; we may use your data for following your usage activities regarding the frequency of visit, pages visited or for statistical purposes.  We analyze such data in scope of Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy to identify you, to provide you with product and services that corresponds your needs. The storage and processing of such data are subject to Beauty Omelette Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy.


Commercial Cookies

·       It helps to provide the ones with similar characteristics to the product/content which you target based on your interest fields and preferences and increase your experience by offering a more developed and customized advertisement portfolio.



We do not use the data collected via cookies with the purpose to specify your identity. Cookies cannot be used outside the specified purposes in this Policy.


Is it mandatory to use cookies?


It is not mandatory to accept the cookies in order to use our website, however, they provide you a better user experience. You can delete or block cookies other than the mandatory cookies but our website might not function as necessary in this condition.


As mentioned above, the use of the mandatory cookies might be essential for the functioning of the website or the mobile application. Therefore, if they are blocked from the web browser settings, the website or whole of the mobile applications or some part of them might not function.


How can I control cookies?


You can delete and/or block cookies whenever you want. You can delete the cookies currently present on your device and set your web browser to block the cookies.


You can find the location of relevant settings by using the “Help” function in your web browser. If you adjust your web browser, you will have to re-enter the information which you give every time you visit our website and some services on the website might not function as necessary.